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Aspen Digital

Accelerating Digital Equity

2023 Global Summit

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October 17, 2023



Tue Oct 17, 2023 – Thu Oct 19, 2023
9:00am – 12:00pm EDT



Digital Equity Accelerator, an initiative of Aspen Digital and HP



Across the globe, students and educators, entrepreneurs and businesses, governments and nonprofits all rely on digital tools and services to deliver opportunities in education, healthcare, and employment. Yet, according to the UN, almost half the world’s population is still offline, and many lack digital access and skills. The majority of them are women, mostly in developing countries.

On October 17-19, Aspen Digital and HP brought together global leaders from across philanthropy, technology, government, international development, and social impact to collaborate on closing the digital divide.

October 17 Digital Equity Pitch Fest & Social Innovation Showcase

This virtual event featured the 10 nonprofits participating in the 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator that are advancing digital equity for their communities.


The virtual gatherings focused on Africa, Latin America, and Asia featured local leaders at the forefront of social innovation, digital inclusion, and social impact.

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Entrepreneurship and the Digital Divide

Entrepreneurship and the Digital Divide

Small and growing businesses (SGBs) are disproportionately left behind in terms of access, inclusion, and engagement in digital economies.

Educational Digital Divide

Educational Digital Divide

Without digital access, use, and fluency, students are excluded from access to economic opportunity, education, healthcare and experience worsening discrimination and social isolation.