The A.I. Elections Advisory Council

A community of leaders working to build social trust and election resilience.

The AI Elections Advisory Council is a constructive space for experts to share key insights across civil society, government, and industry throughout the US elections.

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Our Values


We care about being honest, ethical, and transparent. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver the best possible outcomes.


We strive to be a trusted resource to changemakers. That’s why we care about the credibility and accuracy of the information we share and engage with invested parties who hold themselves to that same standard.


We spur action across industry, government, and civil society by bringing together diverse voices to collectively drive change.


We have an unending desire to learn. All our efforts are rooted in the need to understand and improve the ever-changing relationship among technology, information, security, democracy, and communities.


We go beyond first impressions, discard preconceptions, and approach each challenge with an open mind – practices we believe are essential for addressing issues of today and tomorrow.