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Covering the U.S. Elections

A global view

December 16, 2020

The 2020 U.S. election and its aftermath have been some of the most closely followed stories in the world. All eyes are on an America torn by unprecedented levels of partisan division, an onslaught of mis- and disinformation, and a president asserting victory without evidence.

How has the media covered this story? And what does it say about covering politics in a world increasingly at odds over facts?


  • Ros Atkins, Presenter & Host, BBC News
  • Pramit Chaudhuri, Foreign Editor, Hindustan Times
  • Patrick Gathara, Global Affairs Journalist & Curator, The Elephant; Award-winning Cartoonist
  • Dafna Linzer, Managing Editor for Politics, NBC News & MSNBC
  • Vivian Schiller, Executive Director, Aspen Digital