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Inge Bryan

Chair, Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure

Inge Bryan's headshot.

Inge Bryan, chair of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure, former CEO of Fox-IT, is a trusted advisor to boards and policymakers. Her career spans two decades of intelligence and criminal investigations, mainly tech and data related. She has vast experience in leading investigations, leading change in organizations and managing crises. She is intimately familiar with all sides of cybercrime, espionage and warfare. After leaving law enforcement in 2016, she has led cyber security programs in large organizations primarily in the public sector and critical infrastructure.

Inge is also committed to: Board member of Royal Holland Society for the Sciences – Chair of the Supervisory Board of Datenna, Supervisory board member at the Clingendael Institute – Advisory board member at the National Archives – Chair of the Anti-Abuse Network – Supervisory Board Member of the Victim Support Fund.