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Kateri Gajadhar-Smith

Program Specialist, Aspen Tech Policy Hub

Aspen Digital

Kateri Gajadhar-Smith's headshot. A person with long, dark, curly hair smiles at the camera.

Kateri is the Program Specialist for the Aspen Tech Policy Hub (ATPH), which serves as an incubator to train a new generation of policy entrepreneurs. She will be coordinating and implementing the ATPH’s annual programs, helping to create institutional and corporate changemaking across the nation. Kateri is thrilled to work at the intersection of planning and doing, while getting to contribute to real-world solutions.

She has a background in education and has worked extensively on creating and implementing out-of-the-box solutions for equity in elementary schools. Kateri most recently worked at fintech startup Giant Oak and is excited to continue the startup pace for a mission she feels connected to. She led the restructuring of the Customer Success team and thrives in the organization space.

Kateri is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia, where she studied Global Security & Justice, Spanish, and Global Education. She is passionate about organization of all kinds, including color-coded calendars, lists, and software. In her free time, New Yorker Kateri likes being exceedingly mediocre at several hobbies, including learning Italian, playing volleyball, and knitting.