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Aspen Digital

Digital Equity Accelerator Expands to Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa

Hosted by Aspen Institute and powered by HP Inc., Accelerator invites not-for-profit organizations and NGOs actively addressing the digital divide to apply

December 20, 2022

Carner Derron
Marketing & Communications Lead
Aspen Digital  

Washington, D.C., December 20, 2022 – Today the Aspen Institute and HP Inc. announced the open application period for the Digital Equity Accelerator (“Accelerator”) as the project expands to three new countries. The Accelerator is seeking not-for-profit organizations and NGOs that are actively addressing social and economic injustice in their communities through expanding access to, usage of, and fluency in technology. Organizations from Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa are invited to apply to the Accelerator now through 23 January 2023.

Globally, nearly three billion people remain offline. Despite increased innovation and expanded connectivity, gaps in digital access are growing between wealthier, more connected groups and lower income, often marginalized, communities. Over 90% of jobs worldwide have a digital component. Without digital literacy and access, people and their communities miss out on economic and education opportunities, and experience worsening gender discrimination, isolation, social inequality, and poverty. 

A multi-year effort led by Aspen Institute and powered by HP, the Accelerator fuels innovation and invests in not-for-profit organizations and NGOs that are actively addressing the social and economic inequalities in communities resulting from unequal technology access and usage globally. Founded in February 2022, the Accelerator helps to scale efforts to advance digital equity for marginalized and underserved populations, including women and girls; ethnic, racial, and religious minority communities; aging populations; and people with disabilities. With its  inaugural cohort, the Accelerator helped scale seven non-profits in India, Morocco, and the United States, expanding their cumulative reach by 1.7 million people and counting. Learn more about its 2022 cohort here.

HP is powering the Accelerator with technology solutions for each participating organization, progressing toward the HP commitment to advance digital equity for 150 million people worldwide by 2030.  

“Digital equity today is indispensable for access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity,” said Michele Malejki, global head, social impact, HP. “The Digital Equity Accelerator enables us to collaborate with organizations that have the on-the-ground knowledge, experience and presence to truly understand the issues and what solutions are needed to close the gaps for the people they serve. By listening and learning from their lived experiences, we can bring together the technology, mentorship and funding resources to help these NGOs accelerate solutions that will drive digital equity in their communities.”

“When people have access to technologies and the skills to use them, they have better opportunities for education, employment, and healthcare,” said Vivian Schiller, Executive Director of Aspen Digital, a program of the Aspen Institute. “Communities know their own challenges best, so we provide the resources they need and then follow their lead. Aspen Digital is proud to model a responsible, sustainable, and scalable approach to achieving digital equity and rebalancing systems of power in favor of social progress for all.”

Selected non-profit organizations will be awarded HP technology solutions tailored to their needs; around $100,000 USD in capacity-building grants; and access to a robust network of international leaders, mentors, and coaches with expertise in technology, social innovation, non-profit management, and social impact. Additionally, the Accelerator will provide the cohort with opportunities for visibility on a global stage, including connections to local and international media. 

Non-profit organizations in Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa are invited to apply through 23 January 2023 at To learn more about the selection criteria and process, visit our FAQs


Aspen Digital empowers policy-makers, civic organizations, companies, and the public to be responsible stewards of technology and media in the service of an informed, just, and equitable world. This Aspen Institute program shines a light on urgent global issues across cybersecurity, the information ecosystem, emerging technology, the industry talent pipeline, tech and communications policy, and innovation. It then turns ideas to action and develops human solutions to these digital challenges. 

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