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Aspen Digital

Toward a National Spectrum Strategy

Graphic of a blue sphere with grid and dots on it with white and blue blocks around it.
September 15, 2022

Aspen Digital

Aspen Institute Sets Forth Strategic Principles and Action Steps for a National Spectrum Strategy, in Toward a national strategy.

The report recognizes spectrum as a national, public asset. Planning for effective spectrum policy – the way we allocate and use the airwaves for wireless applications – is foundational to meeting our national goals of economic growth and leadership in the information economy, and a “Made in America” industrial agenda. The report stakes out key principles to inform spectrum policies, sets forth broad recommendations for U.S. spectrum policy for the years ahead, and details potential actions to implement those recommendations. The report also catalogs a list of frequency bands that should be examined to assure that spectrum-dependent public and private enterprises are able to fulfill their missions.