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The 2023 Reporting on A.I. Hall of Fame

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May 16, 2024

B Cavello

Director, Emerging Technologies

Eleanor Tursman

Researcher, Emerging Technologies

Good writing is impactful – especially when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI technologies are increasingly incorporated into people’s everyday lives and have become the center of important policy conversations. People rely on reporting on AI to inform decisions about the products they buy, the policies they support, and the organizations they trust. It isn’t easy, however, to grasp the reality of how AI is used today when faced with overzealous enthusiasm about possible future capabilities. That’s why Aspen Digital launched the 2023 Reporting on AI Hall of Fame, highlighting some of the best in writing about AI from last year.

Why is this so important? Well let’s hear what some of the winning authors and publishers had to say.

These quotes illustrate why we launched the Reporting on AI Hall of Fame.

We join these authors and publishers in challenging everyone communicating about AI to use accessible language, center human actors behind AI tools, and emphasize today’s realities instead of industry hype so that everyone can talk better about AI.

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