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Aspen Cyber Summit 2023

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November 15, 2023



Wed Nov 15, 2023
9:00am–5:00pm EDT


92NY in New York City or Virtual Livestream


The Aspen Cyber Summit is a unique, annual gathering that brings together top leaders from business, government, academia, and civil society to discuss the world’s urgent cyber issues and drive action to help secure our digital future. This nonpartisan summit is one of the most significant stages for cyber policy discussion, and spurs dialogue and momentum to act on today’s challenges.

The event will feature in-person keynotes, panels, and roundtable lunch discussions.

A free live stream will be made available to viewers around the world.

2023 Aspen Cyber Summit News

Aspen Institute Announces New Speakers for 8th Annual Aspen Cyber Summit

Press Release

NSC Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology and Birds Aren’t Real Public Information Officer to join lineup on November 15.

Aspen Institute Announces First Round of Speakers for 8th Annual Aspen Cyber Summit

Press Release

US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Erik Gerding among those who will take the stage in New York City on November 15.

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CISA Director Jen Easterly joins Aspen Digital’s Jeff Greene in a one-on-one conversation on how cyber fits into the US’s geopolitical and cultural landscape.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Each of us has the ability to improve our own cybersecurity, protect our own data and, by extension, our national and economic security.