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Aspen Digital

2024 Aspen Cyber Summit

A wave-like pattern made up of shapes in gradient hues. It represents how cybersecurity is interconnected with every aspect of life.
September 18, 2024

Wednesday, September 18, 2024
9am-5pm ET

Aspen Digital

The REACH at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Cybersecurity intersects with every aspect of modern life, from clean drinking water to financial transactions to free and fair elections. This is a human problem as much as it is a digital one, and it can’t be fixed with lines of code alone. Attackers exploit psychology, not just technology.

Cybersecurity involves everyone, everywhere.

The Aspen Cyber Summit connects the dots between the cybersecurity challenges of today and the topics that matter to you. Whether you attend as an engaged member of the public or a Chief Information Security Officer, you will come away from this nonpartisan event with a clear understanding of what’s at stake and what role you can play in building a more secure future.

Join Aspen Digital, a program of the Aspen Institute, in Washington, DC, on September 18 for the 9th annual Aspen Cyber Summit. The 2024 Summit is coming to the REACH at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and will put cybersecurity front and center for the government officials, business leaders, nonprofit advocates, future defenders, and everyday people who are crucial to creating a safer world, online and off. 

The speaker lineup and event agenda will be announced later in the year at Visit the Aspen Cyber Summit website to watch recordings and view agendas from previous events.

This event is an external rental presented in coordination with the Kennedy Center Campus Rentals Office and is not produced by the Kennedy Center.

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