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Information Disorder Prize Competition

Final pitch event

May 3, 2022

On May 3, 2022, the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub and Commission on Information Disorder held the virtual pitch final event of the Information Disorder Prize Competition.

The prize competition, announced in November, sought to fund unique and innovative projects that make meaningful progress towards ending information disorder, in direct connection to one or more of the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder’s 15 recommendations for government, industry, and civil society.

semi-finalist teams

Alterea, Inc.: “Agents of Influence,” a spy-themed media literacy video game for middle- and high-school students. Team members: Anahita Dalmia, Jasper McEvoy, Alex Walter

RadiTube: “RadiTube: Narrative Detection and Analysis for YouTube,” an automatic detection and tracing tool for harmful narratives spread through YouTube videos. Team members: Cameron Ballard, Bernhard Lenger, Erik Van Zummeren

Ranking Digital Rights at New America: “Treating Information Disorder by Making Online Ads Accountable,” a set of sample policies to make the online ad economy more transparent and accountable. Team members: Nathalie Maréchal, Anna Lee Nabors, Zak Rogoff, Alex Rochefort

Observatory on Social Media at Indiana University: “Detection Tool for Misinformation Superspreaders,” an open-source public tool to identify misinformation superspreaders. Team members: Filippo Menczer, Rachith Aiyappa, John Bryden, Matt DeVerna


Following the project presentations, judges Chris Krebs, Amanda Zamora, and Deb Roy of the Commission on Information Disorder selected Alterea, Inc as the winner of the $75,000 grand prize.