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Aspen Digital

2023 Consumer Cyber Readiness Report

An illustration of a three-dimensional warning sign with a padlock made of 1s and 0s on the side. It represents consumer cyber readiness.
October 2, 2023

There are many actions consumers can take to secure themselves online. What are common ones already in use? What more needs to be done to achieve better security? 

Consumer Reports (CR), Aspen Digital, and Global Cyber Alliance share some highlights and learnings in a new report on cyber readiness in 2023.

How are consumers in America protecting their privacy in the digital world? Surveying 2,000 US adults, CR found:

  • 37% use a password manager to automatically create and store passwords
  • 3 out of 4 use multifactor authentication for at least 1 online account
  • 12% use software to encrypt files on their devices