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The AI Elections Advisory Council is a constructive space for experts to share key insights across civil society, government, and industry throughout the US elections.

Aspen Digital

Frontline A.I.

The Challenge

Some companies look at emerging technologies as a silver bullet for all of their workforce challenges. Yet, the hasty deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) can do more harm than good. 

What are some of these negative impacts?

  • Risks due to reduced human oversight
  • Deskilled workers, higher churn, and institutional brain drain
  • Intensified talent shortages due to the new and changing skill sets

As many as 64% of U.S. workers and 72% of manufacturing workers are exposed to technologies like A.I., robotics, and specialized software.

Center for Economic Studies

By 2030, it’s estimated that 20 million manufacturing jobs will be automated.

Oxford Economics

Our Approach

Aspen Digital’s Frontline AI Guide for Manufacturers counsels employers on how to deploy technology in a way that improves job quality, increases retention and recruitment, and protects the bottom line.

Drawing from the collaborative insights of manufacturing companies, labor groups, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and technology providers, we provide practical steps for enhancing worker autonomy while adapting to technological advancements.