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Aspen Digital

Global Cybersecurity Group

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This forum of cross-sector cybersecurity experts shares a commitment to democracy and freedom online, and furthering the tradition of open innovation that has powered the first half-century of the internet. Their agenda is member-driven, informed by international events and their implications in both the cyber and physical worlds.

The Challenge

The interconnected world stands at an inflection point, where the spirit of openness and innovation that has long powered the internet and the rise of a digital economy is at risk from a growing number of malign actors — ranging from transnational organized criminal groups to authoritarian governments. 

Our Approach

The Aspen Global Cybersecurity Group fosters cross-border, public-private collaboration, rooted in the values of democracy, to address vital technology and security problems.

Meet the Global Group


Marina Kaljurand

Member, European Parliament

David Koh headshot.

David Koh

Commissioner of Cybersecurity and Chief Executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

Corey Thomas headshot.

Corey Thomas

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rapid7


John P. Carlin headshot.

John P. Carlin

Strategic Advisor and Chair Emeritus for Cybersecurity, Aspen Digital

Katie D'Hondt Brooks's headshot. A person with medium-length wavy hair, wearing a sweater and earrings, smiles at the camera.

Katie D’Hondt Brooks

Director, Cyber Partnerships

Jeff Greene's headshot. A person with short hair, wearing glasses, a jacket, and a tie, is in front of a bookshelf and American flag, smiling at the camera.

Jeff Greene

Senior Director, Cybersecurity Programs


Dmitri Alperovitch headshot.

Dmitri Alperovitch

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator

Paul Ash headshot.

Paul Ash

Special Representative on Cyber and Digital, New Zealand

Carl Bildt headshot.

Carl Bildt

Former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Christophe Blassiau headshot.

Christophe Blassiau

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Security Officer, Schneider Electric

Cecilia Bonefeld Dahl headshot.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl

Director-General, DIGITALEUROPE

Yasmin Brooks

Partner, Brunswick Group

Inge Bryan headshot.

Inge Bryan

Managing Director, Fox-IT

Paolo Dal Cin headshot.

Paolo Dal Cin

Global Lead, Accenture Security

Oheh Derevianko headshot.

Oleh Derevianko

Chairman & CVO, ISSP

Anriette Esterhuysen heashot, holding a mic.

Anriette Esterhuysen

Senior Advisor, Association for Progressive Communications

Tobias Feakin

Former Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology, Australia

Camille Francois headshot.

Camille Francois

Trust & Safety Global Director, Niantic

Stew Garrick

Law Enforcement Liaison, Shadowserver

Katherine Getao heashot.

Katherine Getao

Former Chief Executive Officer, Information and Communication Technology Authority

Dario Gil headshot.

Darío Gil

Senior Vice President and Director of Research, IBM,

Ron Green

Chief Security Officer, Mastercard

Jane Horvath headshot.

Jane Horvath

Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Innovation Practice Co-Chair, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Mikko Hypponen headshot.

Mikko Hyppönen

Chief Research Officer, WithSecure

John C. (Chris) Inglis's headshot.

John C. (Chris) Inglis

Strategic Advisor, Paladin Capital

Boon Hui Khoo headshot.

Boon Hui Khoo

Former President of INTERPOL and Director, Certis Group

Tzipi Livni's headshot.

Tzipi Livni

Former Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Ciaran Martin headshot.

Ciaran Martin

Professor, Oxford University Blatnik School of Government

Chris Painter headshot.

Chris Painter

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

Guillaume Poupard

Former Director General of L’ANSSI

Michelle Price

Partner, E&Y Oceania, Global Cybersecurity Group

Greg Rattray headshot.

Dr. Gregory Rattray

Partner & Founder, Next Peak LLC

Latha Reddy headshot.

Latha Reddy

Former Deputy National Security Adviser, India

Runa Sandvik

Founder, Granitt

Rob Strayer

Executive Vice President of Policy, Information Technology Industry Council

Eli Sugarman headshot.

Eli Sugarman

Fellow, Schmidt Futures

Yigal Unna

Former Director General, National Cyber Directorate

Phil Venables headshot.

Phil Venables

Chief Information Security Officer, Google Cloud

Grant Verstandig headshot.

Grant Verstandig

Chairman & CEO, Red Cell Partners

Alicia Wanless headshot.

Alicia Wanless

Operations Director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Partnership for Countering Influence

Alberto Yepez's headshot.

Alberto Yépez

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital

Shinichi Yokohama

Chief Information Security Officer, NTT Corporation